Life is Better When You Start, Living it


When you start complaining about how 24 hours a day seems not enough for you? Well I guess, its more easier to see how you consuming time or focus then ask Your Maker to add more extend hour for you right?
Well based on my experience, I do this and this makes me more effective and happier day by day, and it means I have to cut off and said goodbye to the old habit (Believe me, not easy but worth to try)
1. Have Social Media Diet: we spent half of daytime to check and updating, so why we have less of it, I used to spent my daytime till night active on social media and at the next morning I never get up fresh, so I reduce it and I feel much better.
2. Start Running or doing exercise : Believe me, beside increase your health level, it will increase your mood as well,
3. Buy A Book instead Spent More Hours on Internet : have you ever measure how many time you spent a day online? Well if you don’t like to read you can cook? Make a handicraft or something
4. Cut Off Music and TV Time : I know it’s not easy but worth to try ☺,
5. Sleep Early: staying late habit will drain your energy,
6. Worry Less : just like joker said, why so serious well focus living best you could on daily base is better than making unclear planning,
7. Pray More : I believe heart is our compass, when you feel unsure sad or having bad time sometime its clear sign, He want you to talk to HIM, so why don’t you start it now?

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