NYE, just a Regular Night (For Me)


Hello Guys, hows your NYE?  i hope you are having a great Night. Actually i stop celebrate it, long time ago. I through a lot of stage in my life that make me jump in conclusion, thats for me NYE just another regular night and  i don’t have special reason to celebrate (due the traffic and laziness).

back in 2004 until 2010, while i still gig-ing ( i was DJ that times) NYE mean party till dawn. I must say i done that and had enough. still remember the hassle, how the prepare set, my turntable and mixer (yes, couple time i have to bring my own gear since the club not provide it) but thats so much Fun.

Once i had to play in private party (2005), which i am (almost) got my residence in club, actually i already got the job before NYE but the owner ask me to play in NYE. My fault i never confirm its a regular gig or a part of the audition but  i play anyway. The Gig is run so well, i finish my set at midnight and  i left the DJ booth to the rest room, and i don’t see it coming. Out of nowhere the guys from the management (a bit drunk) hand me a payment (or tip?). Not the amount that make me sad, but this guys, give it in the rest room, maybe i just being to sensitive or i don’t know.

I don’t take my residence there and choose for regular daily job, while still play for couple more years, i still have couple NYE gig until i married in 2009, i slowing down and reduce my night life. i spent more NYE just gather with my new family. Then i completely stop celebrate.

The ends of 2011 is the hard moments for me, yes at that time i had difficult choice to make, i am at the ends of my marriage so instead having party all night, i spent it to think about it and get proper rest .

So thats my reason behind Why i stop celebrate and   base on my own experience i had enough to celebrate, it’s not special moment for me, infect since i start running from 2014 every NYE i tend to sleep early so i can have my morning run on 1st January.

But Hey, it’s my story, don’t make my story ruin your day. if you had a wild night and having good time at NYE, it’s Good for you, Happy New Year 2017 May The Force Be with You!


PS: the only reason why  i still wake at 11.37 PM 31 December 2016 cause i still write this post, and i don’t want miss a change to write something new in 2017, and thats important thing for me now 🙂

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