End Of Year: Perfect Time to Start Brand New Project


As we know, 2016 will come to an end, as my fellow on different platform on social media start to post such as “Hello December, December be nice and so on, I realize not much new thing I done this years.

Once I read old quotes said, “Every ends is new Beginning” and today The 1st of December, I will start new project.

My dear old friend jeffri, ask me to help him on social media use. Once I experienced to handle a personal account (instagram), from photo taking to tone adjusting and, after 6 months, she was able to handle her own account.

To me its feels so good to build something from a scratch, I’m not sure if I can call myself as social media consultant or personal branding but this is what I do.

Wish Me Luck


PS: I will post something on my facebook page and instagram once the content is ready

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