Commuting Life


Great way to know the city, is by using the public transport. i don’t remember where i got the quotes but i think its right. personally i prefer use the public transport to go everywhere. save my energy to do something other than driving and deal with traffic, i should tell you driving in jakarta can be such pain in the ass, believe me hehe.

Yes we have another choice now, you can use online transport such as @gojek, @grab or @uber but even you not driving, it still get traffic, so the other choice is using commuting line.

i commute a lot lately, my starla (silver toyota startlet 91) got paint job at depok area, and since commuting line offer free traffic so at least for 3 weeks i commute from pasar minggu to depok lama at weekend.

Good thing when you used commuting line in the weekend, is not too crowd, its only cost 3000 IDR with 10000 deposit for card which you can get it back when return card at the rail way station.

So if you happened to visit jakarta, ask your local friend or guide to showing around by commuting line, oh i almost forgot we have transjakarta too, basically , its a bus ride with some route.

if you have question about my city, mail me!

have a great weekend folks!

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