Instagram, now and then


What make you love @instagram, for me is the community, at first i feel instagram like a global village with people share the same spirit, creativity.

I came across Josh Johnson Page @jjcommunity and learn how make connection. They well known for three rules, every time you being feature you should likes three photos of your gridmates and make at least 1 comment. thats how i learn about create to connect.

i follow their forum since 2012 long before i had change being on instagram suggested list (on 2014 and 2015) and i felt fun and to be honest, the three rules help me to improves my skill and get many inspiration about photography, i enjoyed every moments of process of it. Since i never aware before about the list, to measure the quality of my photo and skill is how my photo end up in feature hub.

feels great if your shot being feature in numerous hub, and your friend support and  congrats you, well it much fun back then, long before people on insta start to monetize and turn people into online shop.

I am not blaming buzzer or people who make living from it, i don’t mind at all but today we loose the spirit and purpose of instagram as social media, its now just media, we lost the social side .

funny how, most of people on my following list either quit gramming, sell their account, hibernate or turn to be CCTV (the one who post regulary, but never had connection with you)

but hey , don’t take it so serious, consider its the oldtimer mumbling how nice the instagram back then

have a great weeks!

ps : after a while being on instagram, finally JJ make one of my shots (the article cover) in their main page, i am so happy


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