Life is Better When You Start, Living it

When you start complaining about how 24 hours a day seems not enough for you? Well I guess, its more easier to see how you consuming time or focus then ask Your Maker to add more extend hour for you right?
Well based on my experience, I do this and this makes me more effective and happier day by day, and it means I have to cut off and said goodbye to the old habit (Believe me, not easy but worth to try) Continue reading “Life is Better When You Start, Living it”

NYE, just a Regular Night (For Me)

Hello Guys, hows your NYE?  i hope you are having a great Night. Actually i stop celebrate it, long time ago. I through a lot of stage in my life that make me jump in conclusion, thats for me NYE just another regular night and  i don’t have special reason to celebrate (due the traffic and laziness).

back in 2004 until 2010, while i still gig-ing ( i was DJ that times) NYE mean party till dawn. I must say i done that and had enough. still remember the hassle, how the prepare set, my turntable and mixer (yes, couple time i have to bring my own gear since the club not provide it) but thats so much Fun. Continue reading “NYE, just a Regular Night (For Me)”