NYE, just a Regular Night (For Me)

Hello Guys, hows your NYE?  i hope you are having a great Night. Actually i stop celebrate it, long time ago. I through a lot of stage in my life that make me jump in conclusion, thats for me NYE just another regular night and  i don’t have special reason to celebrate (due the traffic and laziness).

back in 2004 until 2010, while i still gig-ing ( i was DJ that times) NYE mean party till dawn. I must say i done that and had enough. still remember the hassle, how the prepare set, my turntable and mixer (yes, couple time i have to bring my own gear since the club not provide it) but thats so much Fun. Continue reading “NYE, just a Regular Night (For Me)”

Commuting Life

Great way to know the city, is by using the public transport. i don’t remember where i got the quotes but i think its right. personally i prefer use the public transport to go everywhere. save my energy to do something other than driving and deal with traffic, i should tell you driving in jakarta can be such pain in the ass, believe me hehe. Continue reading “Commuting Life”